Sunday, September 23, 2012

Red Bean Filling

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After read mung bean filling from Christine's Recipes I keen to try. Instead of mung bean I used red bean. Although I used to make own red bean filling, it is not good as mooncake filling.

I used to blend my cooked beans and it ends up quite a lot liquid. It takes longer time to reduce the moisture. This time I discard excess water and press through fine sieve to get smooth purée.

In her recipe, wheat starch is used. I found that it not only helps on getting smooth filling it also reduce the splitting during the cooking process. Therefore no need to worry of 'volcano' popping out from hot red bean filling :D

I'm glad I made it! I would say it is my best red bean filling recipe I ever make. Maybe it is too late for your mooncake filling. But you can make this red bean filling for steamed buns and bread too.
Reference from Christine's Recipes, mung bean filling
Yield about 1.5kg
600g red beans
2 tbsp salt (for soaking beans)
220g caster sugar
120ml vegetable oil
3½ tbsp wheat flour

1. Rinse red beans well. Add 2 tablespoons salt into water and soak the beans at least 2 hours.

2. Drain away the salt water. Put the beans into a container. Fill with fresh water and make sure the beans are fully covered. Keep in freezer for overnight.
*I learnt this trick from a Taiwanese cooking show. This can help the process of getting nice soft texture (绵细) beans. This method also can be used in soaking peanuts, black beans etc.

3. The next day, remove the beans from freezer and put into pressure cooker (no need to defrost). Cover the beans with water (about double of the beans weight). Cook for 5 minutes.
*do adjust accordingly. The red beans should be easy to be smashed with finger tips after cooked.


4. Drain beans out and discard excess water. Use a large spoon to press through a fine sieve. You’ll get very smooth red bean puree.

5. Transfer the puree into a heavy bottom wok (or pot). Add sugar and oil. Combine well. Cook over medium high heat until moisture is reduced by two-thirds. Sift in wheat flour in batches and stir to combine well between each addition. Reduce heat to low and simmer until thickened, stirring constantly, about 15 to 20 minutes.

6. Transfer into a large bowl and let it cool down completely. You can make red bean filling one or two days ahead. Wrap it in plastic film and store in fridge.
* The cool red bean filling will become curdle. Just knead the filling for few times and it will get back smooth again. Divide into required portions. Then shape into balls before wrap.

The filling is not too dry or not too wet. The texture should be like smooth dough, easily pulled away from pan.



  1. that reminds me to make my red bean now or never, since autumn festival is just round the corner. Happy Mid Autumn Frestival to you and your family!

  2. Oh my Vivian, thanks so much for sharing the recipe & tips. The paste looks really smooth.
    Hope you're having a great week ahead, dear.

  3. I am planning to cook this red bean paste. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Hi vivian, thanks for sharing the different mooncake and filling recipes! They have been successful though it's my 1st time trying ^.^ more confidence now hahas ;p

  5. i face the same problems when making red bean paste and I would spend the WHOLE DAY trying to reduce the liquid :/ definitely going to try this out! your red bean paste looks super silky and delicious!

  6. vivian, this is a new technique to me by freezing the beans, thanks for the info!

  7. Hi Vivian, How long should I cook the red beans if I don't have a pressure cooker?

    1. I'm not sure. But after the soaking and chilled process the cooking time will be shorten. I guess it take at lest 45 minutes. However you can check the beans as you cook. It is done once easy to mash with fingers. Do update me. Have a nice day!

  8. Hmm alright! Another thing is must I use wheat flour? Coz I don't have much use for it other than making this filling..

    1. According to Christine (recipe source) wheat starch is the suitable flour, no replacement. Do keep the unused wheat starch in fridge.

  9. Is it ok without wheat flour? Because i don't have it

    1. I know the amount used is not much but it plays important role in thickening the paste and minimized the splashing. I done red bean paste without wheat flour before. It still ends up thick but the paste is not that smooth. In other words easy to crack while shaping. Do try and update me. Happy cooking!

    2. Wheat flour is it tepung gandum ? Im trying it now. Tq for the advice.

  10. hi..vivian, is wheat flour and wheat starch are the same? thanks in advance


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