Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Homemade Roselle Jam (洛神花酱)

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I had been making roselle jam for several times. For the previous batches I didn't blend roselle calyx which end up course roselle jam. I don't mind having bits of calyx in my jam but not my son. In order to please him I blend the calyx into fine purée before cook. And the end results not only make my son happy, me too! It has spreadable consistency texture which like commercial jam. The amount of sugar I used in this recipe just right. It is not overly sweet with tangy taste. 

Maybe you might thinking trouble of making own jam as you might need to stir the jam frequently as you cook. From my few batches of roselle jam making experience I found roselle jam is much easier compare with other jam (from what I read using other fruits in jam making). Roselle jam does not require much attention, only stir occasionally. With the amount of roselle calyx and water I used I can get the jam done within 30 minutes (cooking time). During the cooking process I put the lid on and check about every 5-10 minutes. If you like sweet, tangy jam, try roselle jam!  Mostly you will love it! From now on I will stick to this recipe.  

Homemade Roselle Jam (洛神花酱)

yield about 400g jam
Ingredients : 
4 cups fresh roselle calyx, about 200g (after separate from the central seedpod. Refer here on how to remove the seedpod)
½ cup of water
1½ cups sugar

There are 2 types of roselle flowers. For making pickled roselle, I prefer the one with long calyx. Prettier ^^

4 cups of fresh calyx (without seedpod) cost RM2. After the cooking give me about 400g homemade jam. Economy right?
Methods :
1. Wash the red fleshy calyx till clean. Tear into small size. Blend roselle together with water till fine.
* I work in 2 batches.

2. Pour the blended roselle into wok/ pot. Add in sugar and cook at medium low heat till roselle mixture become thick.
*Stir occasionally especially during end of process.
*It tooks about 25 minutes for it to thicken

Add roselle purree and sugar in wok/pot

Stir the mixture to combine

Mixture start boiling. Small bubbles seen. 

Half way cooking, start thicken.

Almost done. 'Volcano' kind of bubbles seen.

Check by 'drawing' a line in the center. The 'line' can stay for few seconds before disappear. Looks a bit runny as jam but it will thicken further after chilled. 

Add the hot jam into jar. Turn jar upside down till cool. This can help proper sealing.

Spread generously on bread and enjoy!
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  1. 酸酸甜甜的口味,我好喜欢哦。

  2. Wow, lovely jam! I love making homemade jam, more so than eating them! LOL! These looks very good, perfect with just about anything!

  3. This jam is so beautiful, Vivian! I love the color and the texture - and it looks fairly straightforward to make too... Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Hi Viv,

    Never think of making jam with roselle. This is very innovative!


  5. I simply love the colour!

  6. I've never made jam, so this is really impressive to me. The color is stunning. You picked the perfect tablecloth to showcase the jam in your photos. Thank you for linking with See Ya in the Gumbo this week.
    Michelle @Ms. enPlace

  7. I am not sure if I am going to get a response but what if I only have dried roselle/sorrel. How would the recipe change?


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