Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Braided Star Bread

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Christmas is just around the corner. Everyone is busy with Christmas preparation. Although I'm not Christian I like to join the fun of Christmas bake too :) I saw this Braided Star Bread link shared by Alice, I Love. I Cook. I Bake. in Facebook. And I love to give it a try! I make some changes to the recipe. I replace all-purpose flour with bread flour. Substitute the Nutella filling with red bean paste.

The dough is easy to handle and I have no problem of rolling out and stacking. If you plan to use red bean paste make sure it is soft enough to spread over the dough. The method given here (video) is clear and easy to follow. By the way, my braided star bread seems a bit out of shape. It looks a bit puffy. Overall I'm happy with the outcome.

Adapted with modification from Handimania, Braided Nutella Star Bread
Braided Star Bread
450g bread flour (original used all-purpose flour)
220ml milk (original used 180 ml)
2 egg yolks
1½ teaspoons instant yeast
20g sugar (original used 70g)
pinch of salt

30g vegetable oil (replace for butter)

*Can use Nutella or chocolate spread

1. For the dough, place all ingredients except vegetable oil into mixing bowl. Knead to form dough.

2. Add vegetable oil into the dough and continue knead till can be stretched to form a "window panel". Shape the dough into round and place into a lightly oiled bowl. Cover and rest for 1 hour and 15 minutes or until double in size.

3. De-gas dough and transfer on a lightly floured surface. Divide the dough into 4 portions (about 185g each).

4. Roll the first of four parts into a circle. The dough should be 2-3mm thick. Place the dough circle on a piece of baking paper. Take a cake tin (9 inch) and mark it off on the first layer.

5. Now, cover the marked area with a thin layer of red bean paste (or chocolate spread).

6. Roll another layer of dough, place it on the previous one and mark off the cake tin on it. Then, put the red bean paste (or chocolate spread) on the marked area. Repeat the procedure with the next layer.

7. Finally, put it the last layer. Cover it with a cake tin and cut excess dough with a knife.

8. Use a small glass or a coffee cup, mark the center of the cake. Divide the cake into quarters – start cutting from the marked circle (remember to leave the center intact!) Then, divide every quarter into four equal parts. At the end you should have 16 equal parts.

9. Take two parts of the cake in both hands and delicately twist them in opposite directions. Repeat with all pairs to form eight-armed star.

10. Twist the ends of each arm underneath to create a round shape. (I skipped)

11. Brush surface of the bread with egg white. Bake it for around 15 to 20 minutes or till cooked.

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  1. I love this. You are awesome! :)

  2. OMG! Vivian, you nailed it! Ok ok, since you said its easy to handle, I should try too! :)
    Is the bread soft?

    1. I bake mine at 170C for 20 minutes. It is a bit dry. Texture still soft. It will be better if shorten the baking time.

  3. Wooow your bread look so pretty Vivian! I've been wanting to make this since the longest time. After seeing your success...I think I should give it a try. Do you think it puffed a lot because you were using bread flour?

    1. Thanks.
      I think so. My dough rise after divided into 16 sections. That's why I can't shape the corners (step no 10). Plus I using red bean paste and it affect the outcome too.
      Looking forward to see your braided star bread. Happy baking!

  4. Vivian, your bread looks superb! Love how you twisted the layering. Have a happy and blessed Christmas.

  5. Wow, Viv! Your braided bread looks very pretty!!!!

  6. This bread is beautiful, Vivian! I love the shape and the use of the red bean paste. This would make a truly lovely centerpiece for a festive holiday table...

  7. Beautiful! Makes me want to give it a try too!

  8. Beautiful snowflake bread, another perfect food for Christmas!

  9. I also saw Alice posting this on FB... looks really impressive and you did a really wonderful job!


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