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Chinese Roasted Pork 脆皮烧肉

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Once a week I visit wet market for meat supply. That day I have no plan to make roasted pork. After placing order for lean meat the butcher asked whether want this slab of three layers pork. I'm so attracted by the nicely layered pork. Without much consideration I bought it straight away. I knew I am going to attempt roasted pork for 2nd time. This time I documented and share.
My pork belly portion is small. It doesn't matter as I meant to roast for one day consumption. The result is better than the 1st time. Roasting smaller portion pork means less lard splatting inside oven and easy oven cleaning too. My family loves the roasted pork including myself. I can't stop myself eating the roasted pork while chopping it :p

1. Prick the blanched pork skin with needles (I bought these type of needles from kitchenware store)

2. Make few cuts underneath for more flavour after the marination

1. Salt, 5 spice powder, mashed garlic, oyster sauce and white pepper

2. Rub mixture of marinate ingredients all over the cut surface
3. Wrap as shown with skin facing up. Brush surface with rice vinegar. Keep in fridge for 1-2 days to dry up

Slightly lined the side with extended aluminium foil to ease the cleaning process

1. Almost end of roasting time (after 25 minutes in oven).

2. Half way of grilling in oven.  

Cooling on rack before cut

Cutting with skin facing down.
Chinese Roasted Pork 脆皮烧肉
500g pork belly, skin on with no bones
1 tablespoon salt

~bottom marinate
1 teaspoon oyster sauce
1 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon 5 spice powder
3 gloves garlic (smashed to a paste)
*mix together and set aside

~brush on pork
Some rice vinegar

1. Bring a pot of water to boil. Add in pork belly and blanch for few seconds, drained. With kitchen towel wipe the pork belly dry.

2. Prick holes all over pork skin with needles or something similar as much as you can. Make few cuts under belly with sharp knife to ease the marinate ingredients penetrate further and lead to more flavour.

3. Add salt to pork belly, rub on both skin and meat surface.

4. Apply bottom marinate ONLY underbelly (NOT SKIN). Massage evenly on the meat surface.

5. Wrap the pork belly with aluminium foil, skin facing up. Brush the skin with vinegar.

6. Place the pork into fridge, skin side up uncovered for 1-2 days. This will help the skin dry up.

7. Remove the foil from the marinated pork and leave it to reach at room temperature.

8. Preheat oven at 200C. Place the pork on roasting rack with a pan underneath. Roast the pork for about 25 minutes.
*I slightly ‘lined’ my oven side with extended aluminium foil

9. Remove the pork from oven, and turn up the temperature to 250C (grill or top heat only).

10. Return pork to oven and bake for another 25 minutes or until the skin is slightly charred.

11. Leave it cool down before chopping.
* I found chopping with skin facing down is much easier.


  1. Delicious. I made roast pork last night as well. I love the crispy skin!

  2. 哇!!!这个让我垂涎三尺,我爱烧肉:)

  3. Oh my goodness, Vivian! I love roasted pork but I am much too lazy to make my own. Am admiring and drooling over your roast pork LOL!

  4. 哇塞!very good leh~ 好脆,好脆。

  5. Good Job, Vivian. I am sure this is as good as it looks :)

  6. 哇,看照片就知道很好吃

  7. mmm...yummy...this shall be my project this weekend.. kekeke;))

  8. Oh my oh my, the skin looks so crispy. What a terrific piece of work. KUdos !
    Hope you're going to have a fabulous week ahead dear.
    Blessings, Kristy

  9. Hi Vivian, I made Babi Guling [Balinese Roast Pork] yesterday. The skin was so crispy that I can hear the crackling sound as chopped it and while eating too. However, I still prefer this Chinese style flavour and taste. Next time, I'll try this marinade of yours.

  10. 这个叫人怎样拒绝得了。。。

  11. I am going to try it soon, tq for sharing.

  12. Oh, my favourite pork dish! The skin looks so crunchy and crispy. Lovely!

  13. Hi Vivian, my mom sells this kind of pork roast. She usually brush vinegar and rice wine after the pork's skin is slightly roasted, this way can help the skin to be crispy. And after the pork is roasted, she brushes it with her sweet soya sauce mix (she adds other ingredients), and roast them again untul the sauce is seeped into the meat. This is the way we cook the roast pork in my area, it's yummy! We eat it along with our homemade chilli garlic sauce

  14. Wow Vivian, I can see your roast pork skin is so crispy. Love it!

  15. Hi Vivian, I really love to cook from your recipes as they are so easy to follow and quite fool-proof. I always refer to your blog whenever I feel homesick for local delights!

    I tried different many seemingly easy roast pork recipes without success in numerous occasion - this turns up tops!

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