Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mini Milk Mantou

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Last week, I bought quite numbers of cooking books in Popular Book Fair. One of them is "阿芳的3杯面粉". Actually I have the intention to buy it few months ago. Since the price is not cheap, I put into consideration. Once I know about the year end sales, the first book in my mind is “阿芳的3杯面粉”. I visited the nearest Popular bookstore for the book. I was disappointed as the staff told me they are out of stock! I left my contact number and hoping they will have the book within sales period. Until one afternoon, the staff called me and telling me she had reserve the book for me. Without any delay I visit the Popular.

It is really well worth to own it. Furthermore I bought it with 20% discount and it comes with DVD. A lot of useful tips given on the demonstration. It contains  recipes on making traditional noodles, pau, bread, snack and filling.

After read the book I find that I have a lot to improve on my previous post Pandan Mantou. I will make it again with the tips I learnt in future.

Actually I have implement some of the methods in my recent post Black Sesame Loaf Bread and Mini Mixed Fruits Buns. This time I steam mini milk mantou. The mantou turn out really great! My kids ate 3-4 pieces in one go. The recipe is below.

Ingredients : yields 20-22 pieces
2 cups plain flour
1 cup low protein flour
1 tsp baking powder
1½ tsp yeast
½ tsp salt
3 tbsp sugar
1 cup milk


1. Mix flour, baking powder, yeast, salt and sugar together. Pour in milk (reserve some) and mix into a pliable dough. Cover and rest for 10 minutes.

2. Transfer ½ of the rested dough on working surface. Roll out into rectangle shape.
3. Brush the surface dough with some water.Gently roll the dough into swissroll shape.
4. Cut into 10-12 pieces and place on lined paper ( I used banana leaf).Put the mini mantou into steamer and rest for 10-15 minutes. Repeat for the other half of the dough.


5. Start steaming from cold water with medium heat. Once the water boiled, turn down to low-medium heat and steam further 7-10 minutes. As you notice I place the lid slightly open during the whole steaming process. This is to prevent oversteam of the mantou.
6. Once the steaming time is over, off the heat. Gently remove the steamer away from the hot water. Make sure you hold it with one side higher as to prevent drip inside the steamer. Place the steamer one side higher as well once put on the table. Open the lid and remove the mantou. Enjoy! 


  1. hi, this looks good..just wondering for this pau, we dont really need to wait the dough to double its size? that's time saving!

  2. It really save time. Just rest the dough for 10 minutes then proceed with the shapping.

  3. i am interested in this recipe. may i know whether I shld placed the mantou in the cold water steamer or wait till the cold water steamed up before putting in the mantou? thanks.

  4. Place the mantou in the cold water steamer.

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  5. Hi,
    The mantou looks really lovely! Thanx for this post...

    Could I pls check with you what is a low protein flour? What did you use for that? Thank you!

  6. a.chander,
    Low protein flour is cake flour. As the name mentioned, it is normaly used in baking cake. Adding in the mantou(or pau) can produce soft and fluffy texture.

  7. Thanx so much Vivian! I will give it a try when I get the Cake Flour :)

  8. Vivian...I've just tried this recipe and it turned out really great. Thanks you so much, for your generosity sharing your recipe and tutorial...

    Anak-anakku juga suka. Makannya sampe 4 buah satu anak...hebaaaat..

  9. Stephy,

    Vivian, I tried this recipe this morning. I wanted to surprise the family as its the holidays. My mantou didn't rise very much. How long should we knead for?....till smooth, or till when we do the finger test whereby the indent springs up. I know its not the yeast. I hope you can help, cause I've been looking for a recipe that doesn't require pau flour.Thanks


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