Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Flower, Flower...Everywhere...

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I used to walk around my father-in-law bongsai and orchid garden every time I visit home. This time I took a lot of pictures on these beautiful plants especially orchid.

Before I go to orchid let me start with one of the interesting bongsai that I found. These photos are taken from the same bongsai tree in different dimension. Every corner has its own look!

How small and how big are orchid that you ever seen? There are even smaller or bigger orchid elsewhere.

These are the same species of orchid plant. The bright red pedals are male and the dull green pedals are female. According to my mother-in-law, I'm pretty lucky as it is hard to find blossom female species! Do you think the male orchid hiding a dolphin inside ?

These orchid are come with big pedals. Can you spot some animals inside these orchid?

These orchid are with small pedals.

These orchid are grow in bundle. Some orchid is facing downwards and some is facing upwards.

Orchid is really interesting! They come in different shape and colour. What can you spot in the above photos ? Monkeys somewhere! And even has my sons' favourite BEN 10 alien character "Chill".

These orchid have big, wide colourful pedals. Looks like an alien hidden in every orchid.

Below is other type of flower that I found.
Pretty lanterns.


Do you know that vanilla beans that we use in baking are come from orchid plant? Above is one of the vanilla orchid tree.

Valentine Day is just around the corner. I like to wish you all a very Happy Valentine with your lover and everyone that you love. Hope you all like my above present...

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