Saturday, March 5, 2011

Giant Hard Shelled Clams

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I read from Wendy blog about her Clams in Broth dish. These remind me the giant clams that I bought and cook few weeks ago. So far I can’t see any thin shelled clams (lala) selling here.  

Have you ever seen these giant size clams in Peninsula? They have very thick shells compare to lala. We spot them during our visit to friends' house. My hubby is kind of lala fans. Since we can't find any in Kuching, we decide to buy 2 kilograms and give it a try. How am I going to cook them??? Well, the seller told me she used to cook them in boiling water. Eat the flesh with dipping sauce.

Initial, I like to stir-fry with ginger and garlic, treat like thin shelled claims. I change my mind as I don't feel like heating up a wok. I steam them instead of cooking in boiling water as the seller did. Since they are hard shelled clams, it took about 5-6 minutes to "open"! Surprisingly, these giant clams flesh taste like lala! The liquid that release from the clams are indeed sweet although without adding any seasoning. We can have flesh and broth at the same time J. We like these clams. Next time will buy if happen we meet these giant clams again.


  1. Ooohh.. They are found here, after the Tsunami. Hence they are nicknamed Tsunami Lala. That's what they are called in Pangkor. Haha.
    But then some time after that I also saw these in KL, not cheap cos they are very heavy leh. 2kg just a little bit of flesh and lots of shells to discard.

  2. I can't find in normal wet market here. The stall selling these clams is at the road side.
    Yeah, their shells are pretty heavy...anyway 2 kg just nice for 2 adults. I think $5/kg should consider cheap right?


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