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Purple Sweet Potatoes Angkoo Kuih

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Are these purple sweet potato angkoo look familiar? If you happend drop by Lena’s blog you might have seen these pretty bright purple angkoo kuih.

This angkoo recipe is not complicated. For those who know about traditional angkoo recipe you might know the method of adding some “cooked dough” into the dough in order to get chewy texture. But with this recipe you only need to mix all well to achieve soft dough. The dough is really easy to handle and not sticky at all! The result is as good as sold outside! I definitely will make again. Make sure you cover the dough if you not working on it while you doing the shaping as it easy to get dry after expose to air.

Lena does not fry her mung beans filling. Initial I plan not to cook the filling too. Since I’m using rice cooker to cook (instead of stemmed) mung beans, it turns out wet after process with food processor. Therefore I take extra steps to cook them.

Adapted from Frozen wings
Ingredients: yield about 22 pcs angkoo
~ Filling
250g split mung beans
100g sugar
20g butter
~ Angkoo skin/ Dough
300g purple sweet potato (cut into small pieces)
200g glutinous rice flour
1 tbsp rice flour
2 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp vegetable oil
160ml water (you may not need all)
~ Filling (yield about 750g paste)
1. Clean the mung beans until the water runs clear. Soak in water at least one hour.

2. Drain the beans, put into rice cooker with 500ml water. Press the “Start” button to cook.

3. The beans should be soft after the rice cooker indicates “Keep warm”. Leave to rest inside the rice cooker about 10 minutes.

4. To achieve fine texture, blend the beans with food processor till fine.

5. Put the blended beans paste into wok or frying pan together with sugar and butter. Cook the paste with medium-low heat by stirring continuosly. The paste is done once it separate from the side of the wok.

6. Remove from wok and leave aside to cool. Shape them into 20g ball.

~ Dough
1. Steam the sweet potato till soft. While it is hot mash them with a fork (I’m using electric mixer with “K” hook).

2. Add in glutinous rice flour, rice flour, sugar, oil and slowly add in water to achieve soft dough.
* Do check the dough from time to time by feel by hand. It is done once can easily shape into dough but not sticky.

3. Weight 30g ball for each angkoo.

~ Shaping and Steaming
1. Grease the angkoo mould by dust with some flour (you might brush with some oil).

2.Wrap the filling with the dough. Shape into ball.

3. Place the ball in the middle of angkoo mould. Press evenly and knock out. Place on greased banana leaf.

4. Arrange the angkoo on steaming tray and steam for 8 minutes at medium heat. Once the steaming time over, open the lid slightly to release hot steam. This is to prevent sudden decrease pressure inside the steamer. Then open the lid totally, off the heat.

5. While the angkoo is hot, brush them with vegetable oil to make them more shining and pretty. Serve.

I will sending this recipe to Muhibbah Malaysian Monday Event hosted by Shaz


  1. 看起来有点难也! --”

    不过,食谱我还是取走了 ^^

  2. thanks for the link back. Yes, indeed a very good recipe. I see that you will due in 2 weeks. you take care.

  3. hi Vivian, your purple angkoo is really nice. will try to make it...tks for sharing. woh..your are going to due in another 2 weeks jia u and take k..ya:)

  4. Sean,
    As long as the skin is easy to handle it is not difficult to shape angkoo. Try it!

    Thanks. I love your angkoo recipe. Going to make some as gift for my baby Full-Month.

    Mui mui,
    Welcome, my new reader. Thank you.


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