Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crystal Tang Yuan(汤圆)

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Ever since stay apart from mum and dad I hardly eat tang yuan. Every year my mum sure will make some for praying although most of my family members dislike tang yuan. Only me and my little sister will finish most of them :D
After I have family I don't make them as my hubby not tang yuan fans. My 4 and 6 years old sons don't know about these tang yuan until today. The main reason is to relate them to some of our Chinese tradition. I'm happy they enjoy the shaping process. They can't stop from asking me when they can taste the "balls" :D

I read these crystal tang yuan from 
Lucky Inn. My kids love the combo colours of the "ball". I keep it simple without filling. I eat the plain tang yuan with gula Melaka syrup. Do find out the recipe here.

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  1. colourful marbles! i'm not making them this year, i wanted to try out the ones with the black sesame filling from the supermarket. Happy celebration!


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