Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Homemade Wonton Wrapper (with egg)/云吞皮

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I used to make pasta/noodles. The ingredients are simple egg and all- purpose flour. With the help of pasta machine we can have fresh homemade noodles meal as and when we want.
I actually make this wonton wrapper with noodles/pasta recipe. I expect having wonton as sold outside but not. After some net surfing then only realized wonton wrapper is made without egg :P Anyway wonton wrapper with egg turns out great too! My kids like it.

In order to prevent the wonton sheets from sticking, I use tapioca flour and lots of it. Therefore I don't suggest cook wrapped wonton directly in broth. But I recommend frying the wonton first (with filling) before cook in broth. So your broth won't turn starchy. I find that it taste great too!

Since these wonton skins is homemade it is better consume it as soon as possible. Wrap it with your favourite filling and fry them all! Keep the fried wonton in fridge (in freezer for longer shelflife) for soup.

Ingredient: yield about 270g wonton wrapper
200g all-purpose flour
2 eggs (weight about 55g with shell each)

1. Slightly whisk the eggs. Pour into the all-purpose flour bowl. Mix by running a fork around the flour. Try to combine every bit of egg with the flour.
2. Once all combine get in your hand and gather the lumps together become dough. Slightly knead the dough. The dough might seem a bit dry and hard to get smooth. Don't worry as it meant to be. So it won't stick on pasta machine. The texture will smooth once working with the pasta machine. Cover and leave aside to rest for 30 minutes.

3. Divide into manageable portions (about 6 portions). Set the roller to the thickest setting (with lowest number). Roll the dough over the pasta machine. Fold and roll over again. Repeat till smooth and even surface has achieved. Keep aside and is ready for next step. Repeat the same for the rest portions.

4. Adjust the pasta machine to smaller feed. Roll in the smooth pasta. Keep reducing the thickness of the feeder until get the thinness sheet.
* If you are making noodles/pasta cut the sheets into noodles. Fresh homemade noodles are done!

5. Generously apply tapioca flour on the pasta. Fold and stack in order to get nice square shape. Cut the 4 sides to get squares. Proceed with the rest till finish.

6. Store in airtight container and keep in fridge. They are ready for wrapping!

I'm sharing this post via Muhibbah Malaysian Monday hosted by Sharon.


  1. Now I can't wait to roll out these wanton skins with my pasta maker :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I just had some homemade 'ban mian' for lunch today. Will try out this ;)

  3. Good la eh, no lye water. Homemade ichiban.
    For me, I'll be too lazy and just buy the wrappers, kekekeke.

  4. What an amazing step by step you have there Vivian. I've been searching the wonton recipe that can be stored in the freezer, and thanks to you I finally found it. Thanks for sharing...

  5. Hi Vivian, I'm so glad to find you via Cook like a Star! You have some great & interesting recipes here & I've eyed on this homemade wonton wrappers. This is a very good posting, esp for new beginners who haven't used the pasta maker b4 like me. I've bought one few months ago but it still sits in the box. Will visit your blog more often in the future to get some recipes! Oh, I'm your lucky 75th followers! Cheers!

  6. kudos to you for making your own wanton wrappers ..i'm now itching to buy the noodle making machine!

  7. Thanks for this awesome, awesome idea! I'm definitely going to experiment with this (maybe with sweet fillings).

  8. Thanks for this tutorial. It's got some of the best step by step photos for making wontons w/ a pasta machine:).
    Just a head's up: using cornstarch or arrowroot instead of tapioca flour will allow you to simmer, pan fry, etc.

    HTH and keep the information flowing:).

  9. Thanks. Very good information.


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