Friday, May 11, 2012

Featherlight Cheesecake

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This feather light cheesecake is indeed very fragile. The texture almost like wet cake :D I'm not sure whether I succeed or not. Feel very awkward having this cake. But when I asked my hubby about this cake he told me he likes it. Well I guess that is the different between chiffon cakes lovers and butter cakes lovers :D  

I can't get pretty swirl into the cake. Maybe should swirl slowly when moving around the cake batter. Anyone have any advice?

250g milk
20g butter
125g cream cheese(room temperature)

50g all-purpose flour
3 egg yolks
1 tsp vanilla extract

3 egg whites
1/8 tsp cream of tartar
80gm sugar

½ tbsp cocoa powder
1 tbsp boiling water
1. Line the base of a 8 inch square pan and preheat the oven at 150/160C.

2. In a medium sized bowl, cream cream cheese until smooth.

3. Bring milk and butter to a boil and pour ¼ of it into cream cheese and gently stir until incorporated. Pour in another ¼ the milk and stir again. Lastly pour in all the milk and stir until smooth. (At this point, prepare some boiling water)

4. Let the cheese mixture cool down and put in flour. Mix until smooth. Then put in egg yolks and vanilla. Mix until smooth.

5. In another clean bowl, beat egg whites until frothy. Put in sugar and cream of tartar and beat until soft peaks. Put in sugar gradually and beat until stiff.

6. Put 1/3 of egg whites into cheese mixture and fold gently but quickly.

7. Pour the cheese mixture into the egg whites and fold until well incorporated.

8. Mix cocoa powder with boiling water until smooth. Put in a few tablespoons of the cheese batter and mix until a smooth chocolate batter is formed.

9. Pour main cheese batter into prepared pan. Drizzle chocolate batter over main cheese batter.

10. Use a knife and cut through the batter to create a marbling effect.

11. Put pan into slightly bigger but shallower pan. Fill the bigger pan with boiling water until halfway up and bake for 50-60 minutes.

12. When cake is baked, remove from oven and release the sides of the cake from the pan immediately by running a knife between the sides of the cake and the pan. Cake will shrink tremendously but evenly. Leave it to cool down totally and chill until cold before cutting.

~ I bake mine at 150C for 25 minutes and bake further 30 minutes at 120C.

I’m very happy when my son gave me this flower and card.

I like to take this opportunity to wish all mothers Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Happy Mother's day to you too ! I made this once but failed, never try again because busy with new recipes, hehehe..

  2. 这个蛋糕是我的‘目标’之一。嘻嘻嘻。。

  3. Happy mother's day Vivian. What a lovely cards...he is so sweet!
    The cake also look so soft and light, I like the swirl just like that. It's pretty and surely taste great too.

  4. Ur swirls are nice la.
    For me, I swirl the choc batter like a snake, S shape and never in straight lines.
    The cake is indeed wet and I plan to reduce the liquid if I want to make this again

  5. Happy Mother's Day to u too.
    I like your swirl just like that..its nice.
    Can feel your happiness when your son give you the mother's day card and the flower..^^
    It is the sweeties gift ever....:)


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