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Sponge Cake (Birthday Cake) / Chiffon Cake Method

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I make this cake last week. This pink birthday cake is for my little princess :) She is now 1 year old. She still wakes up at night for meals. She still needs to be carried a lot as still can't walk without holding. To her brothers, she is a 'little monster' who likes to disturb whenever they are doing homework. She also keen to 'attacks' toys when they are playing. However her brothers still love her and tolerate with what she did. To them she just a 'baby' inside the house :D

I'm very happy as I manage to get my sponge cake baked without much or very little shrinkage! Thanks to Sonia for helpful tips. Basically this sponge cake is just baked chiffon cake in round pan. In order to get chiffon cake rise nicely in round pan and without much shrinkage after cooling, several things need to be taken care of. Let me highlight some of the points that I know.

1. The pan that you used should not be non-stick. The cake will rise with the help of side pan. Do not lined pan and preferable with removable bottom cake pan. It is easy to remove after cooling.

2. The egg whites should be beaten till stiff stage (十分 / 硬性发泡). Do refer Egg Whites Beating Stage from Carol for the video on how and what the stiff whites look like. Practice make perfect. After master this you can have lots of successful cake that require beaten egg whites.

3. Bake the cake start with low temperature first. The low temperature will cook the cake through and rise slowly. Then finish baking by increase the temperature to brown the cake. This will avoid sudden rise and collapse of the cake. Do not skip the process of baking with higher temperature although the cake is cooked through. I baked at low temperature for the 2nd sponge cake till end. It has little crack compare with the 1st one which finish baking with higher temperature. However the brown surface becomes sticky and easy come out after cooling.

I hope with all the points that I highlighted can help you on getting nice, tall and beautiful sponge cake in your kitchen. Let me move to the recipe.    

5 yolks
20g castor sugar
30g vegetable oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
45ml milk

60g cake flour

30g rice flour
*sift and set aside

5 whites
½ tsp vinegar (can replace with lemon juice)
60g castor sugar

1. Whisk yolks and castor sugar till well combine. Add in vegetable oil and vanilla extract. Mix well.

2. Whisk in the sifted flour and milk in 2 batches alternatively.

3. In other bowl beat the whites till foamy. Add in 1/2 the castor sugar and vinegar. Continue beat till glossy. Add in the rest of castor sugar. Beat till stiff form
(十分 / 硬性发泡).

4. Spoon 1/3 of the stiff whites into yolks batter. Fold to combine. Pour the yolk mixture into the remaining whites bowl. Fold till well combine.

5. Pour into 8” round pan with removable bottom (do not line with paper and do not use non-stick pan). Bake at 140C for 25 minutes. Increase the temperature to 150C and bake further 25 minutes.
As you see the side not shrink much after cool
6. Once cooked remove from oven. Immediately invert and leave to cool. When cake is cool, remove from mould. Deco the cake as you wish!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your precious little girl! And that is a lovely cake, looks soft and delicious! Thanks for all the helpful tips!
    Have a lovely and delicious weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday to your girl, so every year you can bake a nice cake for her Birthday. Thanks for the mentioned. Happy Mid Autumn !

  3. What a beautiful cake, Vivian! And I love that you took the time and invested the love into making the cake from-scratch! It looks like it turned out perfectly and I'm sure your little princess was very happy... Thanks so much for sharing with Made with Love Mondays (and for providing a photo of the cake without sprinkles...)

  4. Hi Vivian ,
    Like to check w u. Does this sponge cake hv an eggy smell as it uses 5 eggs? ;)

    1. For me the cake has not much ggy smell since I added vanilla extract and having the cake with cream. The eggy smell definitely not like steam type(鸡蛋糕).
      You can adding other ingredient like orange or lemon zest or even substitute the milk with juice. Maybe replace the flour with some cocoa powder. These can help reduce the eggy smell. I hope it help. Happy baking!

  5. Hi Viv,
    Happy birthday to your little princess.
    Your cake look sweet in pink and i love the sponge cake.
    Its so spongy and nice.

  6. Vivian, that's a lovely cake! I like the decoration, pink is so sweet. And Happy Birthday to your little princess! Also thanks for the tips.

  7. which cream did you use on top? buttercream or whipped cream?

    1. I used dairy whipped cream since I have leftover in fridge. I actually prefer non-dairy whipping cream as easy to work with.

  8. Hi Vivian...Happy Belated Birthday Wish to ur daughter :)

  9. hi Vivian,
    I understand you use 180C to bake the chiffon using steam oven.cud you please advise me for how long and what is the measurment of your cake tin.My cake sunk when i tried to change the temperature of the steam oven becos i have to reset it. Thanks Grace

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