Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Avocado Coffee Milkshake

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I love avocado milkshake. However it is expensive here, it costs around RM8 each! Sometimes and rarely can get one about RM5, which is smaller in size. Therefore only can enjoy this creamy milkshake occasionally. Have you ever think of serving avocado milkshake with coffee? Not until I read about it in one of cookbook recipe, Zesty Southeast Asian Treats under Indonesian Cuisine. Do try and you will love it!

Inspired by Zesty Southeast Asian Treats Cookbook
Avocado Coffee Milkshake
100g water
30g palm sugar (gula Melaka)
10g sugar
½ teaspoon instant Nescafe powder

1 big ripe avocado
130g milk
15g sweeten condensed milk
About 20 pieces ice cubes

Some cocoa powder for sprinkle on top

1. In a saucepan, fill in water. Add in brown sugar, sugar and coffee powder. Bring to boil and simmer till sugar melt. Drain to remove any impurities. Set aside to cool and chill.

2. Cut avocado into two. Remove the seed. Scoop flesh out with spoon and put into blender.

3. Together with avocado add in the rest of ingredients (B). Pulse and blend till all combine and texture turn smooth. Pour into serving cup.

4. Pour some chilled coffee syrup on top. Lastly sprinkle with some cocoa powder. Serve immediately. Enjoy!

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  1. This sounds interesting! Have never tried avocado with coffee before. Definitely love to try this recipe :)

  2. Hi Vivian, i am a big fan of avocadoes. Have never heard of coffee avocado shake, but it certainly sounds so good! Definitely going to try this asap.

  3. Never tried this combination looks and sounds great, will give this a try sometime soon :)

  4. Hi Viv,

    This looks very interesting. I've never tried an avocado milkshake. Thanks for sharing. I'll be making this sometime soon to try it. =)


  5. Refreshing! especially in Summer.

  6. This is gorgeous for the hot weather now!

  7. Delicious! My kids would love to try this one.

  8. Avocado milkshakes are SO delicious. One taste and you'll be hooked!

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