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Chicken Katsu - AFF Japan

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This is a simple and yet delicious recipe. Chicken Katsu basically is fried chicken breast cutlet. The cutlet is breaded with flour, egg and panko before frying. Sometimes I prepare more and keep in freezer. I will bring down and keep in fridge the night before I want to cook for my kids’ lunch box. Along with chicken katsu I prepare teriyaki sauce as well to eat with rice.

Adapted and slightly modified from Just One Cookbook
Chicken Katsu
2 chicken breasts
2 tablespoons sake (omit)
Sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper
All-purpose flour
2 eggs (I used 1 egg)
Oil for deep frying/ shallow frying

1. Rinse the chicken and pat dry with paper towel. Slice the chicken diagonally.

2. Put the chicken in a bowl and add sake (if using), salt, and pepper. Set aside for 15 minutes.

3. Dust the flour on the chicken and remove excess flour. Then dip it in beaten egg. Lastly, dredge the chicken in panko and remove the excess.

4. Heat wok and add in oil. Put 2-3 pieces of chicken in at a time. Deep fry or shallow fry until both sides are golden brown. Then transfer to a wire rack or paper towel-lined tray to remove excess oil.

I'm submitting this post to Asian Food Fest #1 Oct 2013 : Japan hosted by Alan from Travelling-Foodies.

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  1. 小朋友一定很喜欢这个呢!

  2. beautiful katsu you've got there!!! i see it between a big toast... just like those they sell in japan.... sensational!!

  3. I know for a fact that my children will adore this dish.

  4. all kids will not resist this yummy fried chicken katsu..

  5. your photo really look like it is served from a Jap restaurant. yummy... :)

  6. Hi Viv,
    I cooked this the other day too!!
    My kids simply love it!!
    Yours look great, it is nicely brown. YUM!!


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