Saturday, February 8, 2014

Flowers for the Month of Love!

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Air plant in love shape
Love is in the air! I can’t send you a bouquet of flower but I can share with you pictures of flower. These are the pictures I took from my in-law orchid farm during my recent visit. His farm is located at Seremban. For those who are interested do pay visit to his farm. You might surprise with variety orchids in the farm.

Let me present some of the flowers I found. Enjoy!

Look like butterflies to  me :)

spotting any gold fish?

Red leaves with red flowers

Below are family of orchid plant. You may surprise by the look.

Chili orchid :D

Goose orchid

Goose hidden inside

All green!

Pretty ! Right?
 Some of the tiny orchids.

For orchid lovers do LIKE Seremban Bongsai at Facebook for more updated news on orchid plant. You can even purchase orchid via courier service. 

Getting bored of giving roses to your love ones? How about giving air plant to them? Coz Love is in the air! 
Happy Valentine!


  1. Hi Vivian, lovely flowers in photos. My KL friend will be interested to visit the farm. Whereabout is the farm? Can I have the address. Happy New Year.

    1. Sure. Happy New Year! Below is the address.
      No 28 Jln Tembaga 3/1
      Seremban Country Heights

  2. oh wow! your in law definitely have green fingers! they are so beautiful

  3. Vivian, thank you so much for sharing these beautiful flowers. Your in laws certainly have green thumbs.

  4. Lovely flowers Vivian! I have a pot of plant that looks like butterfly. The flowers are in pink. Very pretty.

  5. Ooo nice orchids. Must ask my mum to visit next time we go back to our hometown.

  6. Thanks for sharing these beautiful flowers and photos.
    Happy Valentine's day.

  7. Wow, Vivian! I love all the plants and flowers! If I have a chance I will go and visit.


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