Friday, February 21, 2014

Roselle Light Cheesecake

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Hello! How are you? Hope you all have a great time during Chinese New Year celebration.

I wanted to bake cheesecake. Since I don’t have any whipping/heavy cream around, I used evaporated milk. I baked in 6-inch small pan coz worried the outcome may not good as whipping cream. I’m glad the texture still maintain light, airy and kind of melt in mouth.

I’m happy with the cake texture but not the cake surface coz it crack! Without much hesitating I bake again. This time I make sure my whites are beaten till soft peak (refer to Nasi Lemak Lover post here) and bake at lower oven temperature. During half way of baking time I stand in front of oven. I’m hoping no sign of crack on my cake. However it cracks again… My guess is the temperature still not low enough to keep my cake ‘calm’.

Bake again is the only way to find out right? So I start making the 3rd cake. This time I use only 100C and it takes pretty long time to cook through, about 1 hour 30 minutes. The outcome is a lot better than the early. 

Yesterday, I just make new batch of roselle jam. So I serve my light cheesecake with homemade roselle jam on top. This light cheesecake tastes good on its own. You may increase the sugar level if you prefer sweeter.
2nd cake. Same as the 1st one crack..

Water bath. With a tray of hot water below.

3rd cake just out from oven, hot

After cool completely the side will fall apart from ring pan. 

Easy removal with ring pan. Not much crack and shrink. 

Roselle Light Cheesecake
150g cream cheese
100g evaporated milk
2 egg yolks
20g corn flour (shifted)

2 egg whites
40g sugar

(C) Homemade roselle jam for topping (optional)

1. Wrap a 6-inch square ring pan with aluminium foil. Line the bottom with baking paper (only the base). Set aside.

2. Put in cream cheese and ½ of evaporated milk into a bowl. With double-boil method whisk the cream cheese mixture till smooth. Add in the remaining evaporated milk and whisk to well combine. Remove from heat.
*Adding evaporated milk in 2 batches help the process of getting smooth cream cheese.

3. After a minute off the heat add in yolks. Whisk to combine.
*Make sure the cheese mixture is not too hot. Hot cream will COOK the yolks. If the bowl not hot to touch ,the temperature should be alright.

4. Then add in sifted flour and whisk to combine. Set aside.

5. In another clean bowl beat egg whites until foamy. Divide the sugar into 2 equal portions. Add in 1st portion and beat till no longer foamy. Add 2nd portion of sugar. Continue beat until it reaches soft peak form. (a soft peak is reached when the beaters are pulled out of the whites and the peaks that form droop)

6. Scoop 1/3 of the egg whites and use a hand whisk to mix it evenly into cheese batter.

7. Next pour in balance whites into cheese mixture and whisk to combine. Once most of whites incorporate switch to spatula. Scraping whites at the sides bowl and gently fold till well combined.

8. Pour batter into lined pan. Steam baked in preheated oven at 100C for 1 hour 10 minutes. Increase the oven temperature to 120C and bake further for another 15 minutes.
* Do adjust your oven accordingly.
* I used steam baked method. I place the hot water pan in the lower rack and the pan at the middle rack. Therefore not need to worry about the water sipping inside my cake. Save wrapping too.

9. Remove the cake from oven and leave to cool on wire rack. Once cool completely, remove the cake from mould. Spread roselle jam on top and keep in fridge for several hours before serve.

For those who resident in Kuching area interested to place order, please inbox me at


  1. Hi Vivian...i had too much cny goodies in the
    I love yr cheesecake and it does looked cottony soft...we all loved cheesecake as well...even nw my helper had oso asked me to bake one. I had bought some cheese but prob will hv to wait til the cheese mode is back...

  2. Hi Vivian, hehe I think even if the cake cracks, doesn't matter cos u can cover it up with the lovely roselle jam. It looks so soft!

  3. Hi Vivian! I also have frustration with this type of cheesecake. Somehow, there will be crack. Love yours with the roselle topping!

  4. wow, you bake 3 times in a row! cool! I notice that you always bake or cook with roselle, do you have a roselle tree at home?

    1. I don't have the tree, I buy the roselle from market. I used to make roselle syrup (sort of Ribena) and end up roselle jam as the by-product. So make good use of it besides spreading on bread.

  5. Hi Vivian, always love your roselle recipes. This one is great idea - savoury sweet cheesecake. I think it's roselle season now. Miss the roselle jam.

  6. this looks very nice.. just like the cheesecakes we get in starbucks

  7. the roselle jam topping looks so good. I've never baked cheesecake before, so well done


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