Sunday, November 25, 2012

Steamed Sponge Cake(鸡蛋糕) with Orange Flavour

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I'm sure this steamed sponge cake is well known in Chinese family. Some might grow up having them frequently especially those used to prepare this for praying. Since this month Aspiring Baker theme is steamed cake I take this opportunity to challenge myself of making good steamed cake.

I'm not confident when come to steamed cake. I used to worried especially at the time I'm going to open my steamer lid :P I definitely happy when the steamed cake turns up fluffy and nicely bloom with crack (for fah kueh-发糕). I failed in my 1st trial. The steamed sponge cake texture was dense. This happen because too much air deflate during flour folding stage. I should add in flour in batches instead of one go! After the lesson I make the cake again the next day. I'm glad I get what I called light and fluffy steamed cake :)

Adapted from 孟老師 100 cupcakes cookbook
250g eggs (I used 5 eggs)
130g sugar (reduced from 180g)

190g low protein flour
1/2 tsp + 1/4 tsp baking powder

3 tbsp orange juice(or lemon juice)
Zest of an orange (or lemon)
3 tbsp vegetable oil
*mix together in a bowl and set aside

Methods: (using stand mixer)
1. Attach stand mixer with belon whisk. Beat eggs and sugar till turn bright yellow at medium speed (about 4-5 minutes).

2. Turn the speed to max and beat till pale white (about 4-5 minutes). Do the ribbon test (visible lines appear as shown).

3. Turn the speed to medium and continue beat for about 1 minute. This is to achieve smooth and light whisked eggs.

4. Add in the sifted flour alternative with orange and oil mixture in 3 batches. Hand whisk till incorporated.

5. Pour the batter into lined 8' square pan. Leave aside to rest for 10 minutes.

6. While waiting, bring the water in steamer to boil. Wrap the lid with cloth if needed to prevent condensation during the steaming process.

8. Place the batter in steamer and steam at medium-high heat for 20 minutes.

9. Once steaming time over, open the lid slowly with the heat still on. Off the heat and remove the pan from steamer. Cut and serve!

I am submitting this to Aspiring Bakers #25 – Steaming Hot Cakes (November 2012) hosted by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders


  1. Your steamed sponge cake is really healthy, only 3 tbsp oil and it has a very nice texture. Well done!

    Like you, I am also scared of opening the steamer lid, always have to pray that the steamed cake will rise nicely. :p

  2. Vivian~~

  3. Your steamed sponge cake looks awesome! Beautiful and soft texture. Thanks for sharing. Already bookmarked this for my next baking.

  4. Vivian, I love your steamed cake. Very nicely done. I have phobia for steamed cakes because I am never quite sure when it is properly cooked.

  5. Vivian, i love the great texture of yr steamed cake. Excellent!!! Hmmm, with orange flavour... interesting

  6. Hi Viv,

    Your steamed cake look wonderful! I think you can be fully confident making more steamed cakes the next time :D


  7. Hi Vivian, your steamed cake reminds me of my grandma's version. She used to make this on big occassions. I can rememebr the cake was huge and round. She would then split the flat square end of a chopstick into 4 smaller squares, and used 2 toothpick to hold and separate the squares to make a "stamp". She would then dip the chopstick stamp into red colouring and stamp the prints on the steamed cake.

    Sorry for the long comment as your post really triggered my memories of her and my childhood. Thanks for sharing.

  8. it looks really nice!! if I want to do the traditional one (no orange flavour), so do I have to replace the orange juice with water? n if I want to do the one with the crack on top, so I have to change to a smaller round pan n cut an "X" on top? will it "fah"?

    1. If you looking for traditional fa kueh do visit
      She has lot of fah kueh with helpful tips.

    2. Hi,Vivian,I made it.really very tasty!Thank U.I used a mix of corn flour n wheat flour.

  9. Hi I did use the cake mixer to beat the eggs and sugar till ribbon stage. I use a 8" round baking dish and aluminium foil to cover loosely. After pouring in my batter, I also did lightly banged my baking dish on countertop to release trapped air. I need to steam 50min for the batter to become cake. Im using med-high heat. If I use 20min, my cake is still quite watery. But how come the surface of my cake has many holes? Nevertheless my cake still taste awesome abeit dry.

    Appreciate for your kind guidance :p

    1. It seems being covered with aluminium foil during the steaming process pro-long the cooking process. The hot air can't circulate well and I believe it causes many holes on top as well.
      Try steaming the cake without cover. If worried of condensation, wrap the lid with cloth. Hope this will help.Have a nice day!

  10. Hi Vivian,

    Your steamed cake look great! I have tried many times already, the steamed cake is not raise. Can you advice me

    1. Make sure the egg n sugar mixture is beaten till ribbon stage. Once the egg mixture is stable it should be alright to mix with flour without deflating the air in the batter. Hope this help.

  11. Can use peanut cookinf oil instead of vegetable oil?

  12. Can i replace with 3tbsp of melted butter instead of vegetable oil?

  13. HI Vivian, i tried this cake for the 2nd time and it was really dry, can you give me advice?

    1. What do you mean 'very dry'? It is the texture not spongy? Could it be under beat the egg mixture ? Pls leave your name.

    2. well, it's spongy, but it's really hard to swallow...

  14. hi vivian
    i love your blog since i try to find pao receipe that fit my taste.
    i've just made this sponge's very nice and spongy just like in your pict but why my cake doesnt smell good
    it's still smell egg. i used sunkist and a steam for about 20 minutes.
    i would like to use more sugar for next try(this time i use 130 gr just like yours)..
    thanks for share this receipes and tips
    sorry for my english :D

  15. Any substitute for low protein flour?

  16. " 5. Pour the batter into lined 8' square pan. Leave aside to rest for 10 minutes."
    Hi Vivian, why need to leave for 10min before steam?

  17. I have tried making the steam sponge cake but unfortunately turn out to be a 'cake' rather than a sponge cake . I follow strictly what you have adv but the cake still did not turn out well. What a disappointment.

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