Friday, February 18, 2011

My Elder Son Birthday

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February month is birthday month in my family as my 3 heroes are celebrating birthday! Today is my elder son turns 6. I decorate his cake pink as he usually asking for. He just likes everything red or pink. : D

Nothing fancy, just a plain chiffon cake decorated with whipping cream. This time I use mini mash mellow for the topping. Both my sons enjoy the cake.

Here I like to wish my son a very happy birthday, 身体健康,快高长大.


  1. little boy likes pink? hope you had a nice celebration with your boys.

  2. Wow, you boy is a special boy who loves pink.
    But I do believe that it's not healthy to stereotype colours. Girls can also like blue, I like blue.
    Happy Birthday Ka Seng!!

  3. Hi Vivian, now I know at least another boy like pink as my boy. Happy birthday to your son Ka Seng!

  4. the cake is lovely! (: my nephew was influenced by me and he love pink too! (: (: HAPPY BIRTDAY to ka seng (:

  5. Lena, Wendy, Mary, The Sweetylicious,
    Thank you for all your wishes.


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