Monday, February 28, 2011

Younger Son Birthday

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Another birthday cake in February. This time is my younger son who turns 4 this year. Sitting beside the cake is his favourite company bed time stuffed toy...little pink teddy bear. This bear is actually given as free gift by a bank which is having promotion fare few years back. He keeps it since the day he saw it. That time he is around 1 year old plus. Now, he can't sleep without its’ company. This including bringing along whenever he travels. We did buy him bigger brown teddy bear. But he doesn't like it and keep aside. He only likes this little bear... The special about this bear is small and cute (according to him).

As you see he likes chocolate flavour. Here comes the chocolate sponge cake with whipping cream icing. The birthday cake might not look perfect to me. But for him this cake is perfect! He is happy to see his favourite teddy bear cookies with his name written on the cake. This makes me happy too. J 


  1. Somehow kids don't care what's in the cake, but what's on the outside of the cake :)
    So, sometimes it's pretty headache when it comes to deco.
    Happy Birthday Ka Weng

  2. so long as he's happy, im sure you'll be happier (: the cake look really lovely to me and is made with love (:

  3. so sweet - your son and his teddy :)
    happy bday Ka Weng :)


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