Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Loaf and Ring Bread / Sponge Dough Method

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This is another sponge dough method of bread making. This recipe requires whipping cream. Instead of bake in a big sandwich mould I baked the dough into smaller loaf and ring. For the ring I rolled some fish floss within. It created incredible nice pattern. What do you think?

Source: The world of bread cookbook by Alex Goh
Ingredients: yield 750g dough

(A) Sponge Dough
2 tsp yeast
1 tbsp water
300g bread flour
175ml cold water

(B) Main Dough
35g castor sugar
1/2 tsp salt (original 1 3/4tsp)
100g whipping cream
200g bread flour
1 tbsp milk powder

30g vegetable oil (original shortening)


 1. Mix the yeast and water and leave aside for 10 minutes. Add the remaining ingredients from (A) and knead to form dough. Cover and rest for 2 1/2 hours.

2. Instead of kneading the sponge dough (as written in recipe) I stir with chopstick and place the dough at side of pan. Add castor sugar, salt and half the whipping cream. Lightly stir the mixture. Then combine with the sponge dough.

3. Add the bread flour, milk powder and the remaining cream. Knead to form dough. Add the oil and knead to form smooth and elastic dough.

4. Divide it into 4 portions (adjust according to your mould, original recipe bake in pullman bread tin L28cm x W11.5cm x H11.5cm). Mould them into balls and rest for 15 minutes.

~Loaf bread (3 x 150g dough)
(Sandwich mould L21cm x W10cm x H11cm)
5a. Flatten the dough then roll it up like swiss rolls. Leave to rest for 10 minutes. Again repeat this process one more time and place all 3 pieces of dough into the greased sandwich mould.

5b. Leave to prove for 45 minutes, or fill it tills 80% of the loaf tin. Cover it with a lid.

5c. Bake at 170C for 28-30 minutes. Remove it immediately from the tin when baked.

~Ring bread(300g dough)
5a. Flatten the dough into rectangle shape. Spread the fish floss evenly on the dough. Gently roll it up like swiss rolls. Connect the roll together to form a ring. Place in the greased 20 cm chiffon mould.

5b. Leave to prove for 45 minutes.

5c. Bake at 180C for 15-18 minutes. Remove it immediately from the mould when baked.

I am submitting this post for this month Aspiring Bakers #8 – Bread seduction (Jun 2011) hosted by Jasmine from The Sweetylicious.


  1. Pretty swirl on your loaf and love the texture too!

  2. Every time I visit your blog your bread make me go 'wooow'. Love the texture...it looks so soft and fluffy. Is the texture similar to Japanese cream bun? or this is better? I've plan to make one of these. Thanks for sharing....

  3. Wow... impressive.. I love the ring loaf ! The effect that came out is marvelous.

  4. DG,
    Thank you. Baking bread in ring shape manage to get unique pattern without much effort.

    Thanks. Sometimes just like to play with bread dough especially baking for kids.

    I should say is equally good. Bread with whipping cream is really soft and fluffy.

    Thank you. Do try too.

  5. Hi Vivian, I tried this recipe of yours! It turned out nice and perfect. But I had a question, My bread's skin is a little harder, is this how it should turn out? But the inside is soft and spongy, don worry. Thanks :)!


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