Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lychee Konnyaku Jelly Mooncake

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My family is a big fan of konnyaku jelly. Therefore I made some konnyaku jelly with moocake mould. To make them attractive I played with multicolours. This method was inspired by Happy Flour. Do visit her blog for more colourful jelly mooncake. 

Recipe from the konnyaku jelly powder packet instructions
Ingredients: yield about 4 pcs big mooncake and 12 pcs mini mooncake
(A) Pastry
10g konnyaku jelly powder

100g sugar
500ml water
500ml lychee syrup

Some food colouring

(B) Filling
Some canned lychee

~ Pastry
1. Put the konnyaku jelly powder and sugar in a bowl. Mix till well combined. Set aside.

2. Bring the water to boil. Scoop some of the hot water into jelly powder mixture from step (1). Still until most of the konnyaku jelly powder dissolve.

3. Pour the step (2) mixture back into the remain hot water. Stir and bring to boil. Cook until all the sugar and konnyaku jelly powder dissolve.

4. Add in lychee syrup and bring to boil again.

5. Remove from heat and leave aside.

~ Assemble
1. Scoop some pastry into a bowl and add in a drop of food colouring of your choice (You may use more than one colour). Leave the balance plain

2. Fill the mould with 1 to 2tsp of coloured pastry. Leave aside to set.
* If you are using more than one colour, make sure the 1st colour is set before the next colour. I keep in fridge to fasten the setting process.

3. Once the coloured pastry set, gently spoon the plain pastry over until 1/4 full. Let it half set then place the canned lychee onto the mould.
4. Fill up the mould with the plain pastry. Leave them to set and chill in the fridge.

5. Loosen the side of the agar-agar, invert and gentle press the jelly out of the mould.

* For mini mooncake I just fill them with canned lychee follow by plain pastry. Create pattern by running a coloured toothpick (after dip into food colouring) around the mould. 

I am submitting this post for Aspiring Bakers #11: Mid-Autumn Treats (September 2011) hosted by Happy Home Baking .



  1. I love this non-fat version of mooncake! The transparent ones are very beautiful!

  2. The second series are so pretty...

  3. Zoe, Hanushi,
    I also prefer the mini jelly mooncake. Simple to make and pretty.

  4. What a delicious cake dude. Its out looks is so so attractive and that's why everyone easily impressed by it. Healthy ingredients and simple making way makes me inspired for taste it. Thanks mate.

  5. I have made 1 batch following your recipe. Yr konnyaku jelly powder is too little. My jellies could not set at all, wasted all my stuffs.

    1. Sorry to hear that. It work for me which I follow the konnyaku jelly powder instruction that I used.

    2. I'm using Jim Willie brand product of Singapore.

  6. It could be the konnyaku jelly powder which is Red Man, is not strong.I made another batch, have added till 20g, still could not set.... so sad.

  7. I have no idea about Red Man brand. Every packet has the instructions written behind. Should be no problem to get it right if follow.

  8. Thank you for the idea... my children loves it so much...


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