Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm Not Bread/ Who Am I ?

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I need to be handled very gentle. I do not like massage. The less you handle the softer and fluffier I will be once baked. My other family members need baking powder to rise but not me. They like to stay cold (fridge) before go into oven but not me. Can you guess who am I ?


By looking at the shape I guess most of you get it correctly! Yes, is scone but not ordinary scone is yeasted scone.
This actually my 1st time of baking yeasted scone. This scone is using bread making method which required longer time compare with ordinary type. But it does not require long kneading process like bread. This dough requires minimum mixing effort in order to produce soft texture.

The good thing about making this yeasted scone is can prepare the dough without machine. The dough is very easy to work with and not sticky at all. If you looking for no knead dough recipe this is the one.
The texture is slightly different from the ordinary scone. This yeasted scone yield softer texture especially having at the same day. Since this is the new recipe that I bake for my family I asked my hubby his opinion on this yeasted scone. He is the person dislike butter cake. If happen to choose he prefer chiffon cake. So his answer is "If you like to be choked, this is the right type of bakes" *~*' For those had scone before you know what is the meaning of "choked" here :D As for me I'm the opposite. I like butter cake and I like the dense and crumbly texture. I would say this is the best scone I ever had. ^_^

I baked 1/2 dough as plain and the other 1/2 with mixed fruits. For those scone lover do try ! You might love and enjoy as much as I do.

Adapted from Carol
100g milk
30g sugar
3/4 tsp instant yeast
250g cake flour(low protein flour)
50g cold butter(cut into small cube)
Pinch of salt
1 egg
50g mixed fruits(optional)
1. Simmer the milk about to boil(around 35C), off the heat and stir in sugar. Follow by yeast and leave aside for 5 minutes. Add in the egg and slightly beat to mix. Set aside.

2. Sieve the cake flour into mixing bowl. Add in the chilled butter and rub into bread crumb form.

3. Pour in the milk, yeast and egg mixture. Start mixing with spatula then by hand. Mix quickly to form dough.
*do not knead. This is to prevent develop the gluten of the flour which can cause hard texture.

4. Divide the dough into 2 equal portions. Add in the mixed fruits in one of the portion. This will be mixed fruits dough. Cover separately and leave to rest for 1 hour or double in size.

5. Place the dough on the working surface. Roll out into rectangle shape. Fold 1/3 to the center. Top up with the other 1/3 portion. Repeat this process for another 2 times.

6. Cut into triangle shape. 4 triangles from each plain and mixed fruits dough. Place on lined baking pan. Leave to rest for 45 minutes or double in size.

7. Brush surface with some milk. Bake in preheated oven 170C for 15-17 minutes. Remove and cool on wire rack.


  1. This is a great recipe. I have not bake tested scones before and these scones look very delicious. I would love try baking these.

    One question to ask... Where can I buy Carol book in Singapore? Lena has given me book 2 and I thought of buying book 1 to complete my collection. I thought you can advise me.

  2. It's calling me.
    I'm a scone person.
    Having it yeasted is even better, less baking powder consumed.

  3. Unbelievable. I thought it was bread at first. My family , except me, hates my scones. I think I should try this instead.

  4. Zoe,
    I like Carol blog(as link above) and her recipes. However, I haven't own her book yet. I'm sure you can find her book in any well known book shops in S'pore.(I'm staying in East of Malaysia ^-^)

    Do try out and enjoy!

    The Experimental Cook,
    I have the same situation as you. Do try this and maybe they will like it! :)

    1. Thanks Vivian for your info! Simply Hanushi saw my comments on your page and told me that I can find the books at Kinokuniya stores in Singapore. As advised previous by Cathy, I went to the Kinokuniya at Takashimaya before but still can't find them...maybe I have not been looking hard enough and will try again for my next trip.


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