Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Prawn Dumplings (虾饺)

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Prawn dumpling is best serve while it is hot. In order to finish in one go I used 1/3 of the recipe. I had some difficulty while pleating the dumplings. I would say I only manage to get nicer shape after half of the dough :p I believe practice make perfect. I definitely will make again whenever craving for these prawn dumplings.

Adapted and slightly modified from Agnes Chang Delightful snacks & dim sum cookbook
100g wheat starch
30g tapioca flour
Pinch of salt
120-140ml hot water
1 tsp vegetable oil
~Filling(I didn't weight)
Equal portion of minced pork and pawn
Seasoned with salt, pepper, cooking wine, cornflour and sesame oil
* Mix all till well combined and fridge till needed
1. Mix the flour and salt in a bowl. Pour in the hot water (reserve 10-20ml) and mix with fork. Add a bit more if the dough is too dry.
2. Once cool enough to handle knead with hands. The dough is done when become smooth.
3. Transfer some of the dough on working surface. Cover the rest with wet towel. Roll out into rectangle shape and cut with round shape cutter.
* I have difficulty in getting round by roll up individually. Tend to get thicker skin :P
4. Place a teaspoon of filling in the center and wrap. Place on the steamer and proceed with the rest.
5. Bring water to boil and steam for 5 minutes. Serve while is hot. Enjoy!
I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers#19- Dim Sum Affair ( May 2012 ) hosted by SSB of Small Small Baker


  1. Vivian you have lots of prawn dumplings here, care to share some with me... kekeke

  2. Vivian, your lovely har gow definitely has more prawns than others. Sure Ho Liao.. Your family are lucky...

  3. Your har gow are so neatly pleated and look so yummy.

  4. You did a nice job with the pleats! Looks delicious, one of my daughter's favourite at dim sum restaurants!

  5. Oh Good morning Vivian, these look incredible and perfect for a morning eye feasting. haha.... Have yet taken my breakfast and you're making me
    Enjoy your day, dear.

  6. Hi Viv,
    Your 'Har Gao' look really tempting.
    The almost transparent skin with the pinky prawn inside..yum
    This is my boys favourite too.
    Will love to try making this in future..^^

  7. vivian, they are very beautiful!if i can pleat them like you did, i'll be very happy!


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