Sunday, June 3, 2012

Crispy Burger Patties

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I bought a packet of fresh bread crumbs from Giant. Actually they are mainly for coating chicken nuggets. And it ends up quite a lot. Besides adding inside my burger patties I coated them with bread crumbs too. The crispy outer layer of the burger patties definitely added bonus for my homemade burger buns meal :)

Shaped burger patties

After coated with egg then bread crumbs

Pan fry till crispy and golden brown

Here! Ready to be sandwiched between burger buns!

Hope this will give you some idea on “dressing up” your burger patties next time! Happy cooking!


  1. Hi Viv,
    I smell yummy patties, so drop by to see what's cooking??
    Oh! It's yummy burger's really a good idea on dressing up the patties.
    Have a nice weekend..:)

  2. Hi Vivian, wow... love your burger patties. It look so good and tempting. Can pass me 2 pieces.... LOL

    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Oh this is very good and yummy. I also want to try one.

  4. Nothing beats home-made! I'm sure the taste and texture way surpass any mass-produced mush out there. Have a great Monday Vivian. :)
    (I used to write on my other blog feedningmykidsbetter. I changed the blog name to add all kinds of recipes, including non-kiddy recipes)
    - shaz

  5. I don't think any kid will be able to resist this.
    I'm the big kid! Pass me some, kekekeke.


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