Friday, September 21, 2012

Eucheuma Seaweed/ San Hu Chao (珊瑚草)

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You might wonder what are this? I have the 1st impression like you when I first seeing it. After some introduction from the shop owner I decided to buy and try. It was many years back ago, the 1st year I'm in Kuching, Sarawak. After finish that packet I totally forgot about it until recently a neighbour of mine present it to me. 
I was told by my neighbour how to prepare but don't really know its name and nutritious value. Thanks to Facebook friend, Jessie Oi for telling me its name. After some Internet searching here is some information about it.
This is Eucheuma Seaweed or San Hu Chao (
) in Chinese. It has another beautiful name calls Sea Bird Nest! This seaweed is rich in enzyme nutrients, collagen and mineral substance, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, sodium and multitude fibre and jelly form proteins. It is very good for skin care, vegetarian diet and daily fibre diet intake. It definitely very nutritious for ladies!

Eucheuma Seaweed is commonly used in making soup, salad, varieties of cooling desserts and pudding. It comes in dried form as shown. It is very hard and need to be soaked at least 5 hours before used. During the soaking period you might need to change water 2-3 times. As advised by neighbour I added few slices of ginger to get rid of the fishy smell.

This has been soaked overnight. It is easy to be broken. The texture is still crunchy. It is tasteless after the soaking and washing process. Just drain away the water and serve raw together with your favourite salad!

Here what I have in my salad.

Chinese lettuce
Bombay onion
Eucheuma Seaweed (soaked and washed)
~ dressing
Lime juice
Chili sauce
* adjust according to your taste.

Cut all vegetables into your desired size. Mix all the dressing. Toss well before you serve. Enjoy!

Want to find out more about this amazing Sea Bird Nest? Do visit here.

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  1. I didn't know that we can use this seaweed for I know what to do with it beside cooking in soup :p which melts away when overboiled :( thanks for sharing this with us :)

  2. you just remind me again i have a bag of this (gift from a blogger friend) and it was almost 2 years i did not use it, hahahaha..Thanks for your inspiration and i must quickly use it to make salad.

  3. What an interesting ingredient! It is like a vegetarian jellyfish :)

  4. Interesting ingredient, Vivian. Thanks for sharing

  5. First time I heard of this 珊瑚草. Beautiful name and looks beautiful too. Crunchy texture?

  6. I have once tried this making sweet soup by braising it with red dates, dried longan & rock sugar. It tastes like jelly & really delicious too. Kids are loving it. And your salad version sounds as marvelous, dear.

  7. The longer it be soaked it will lost the crunchiness. I actually don't mine the texture. Hope you can find them at your place and try out. Sea bird nest is as good as bird nest :)

  8. I have never seen this ingredient, Vivian, and it's so intriguing! I love the shape and texture and it's so interesting that it's soaked in water before use. Thanks so much for sharing with Made with Love Mondays and I'm trying to catch up after a week of holiday...

  9. May i know where can buy this? coz my hubby at Kuching now. i ask him to help me buy but he already ask many place also can not get....

    1. This is given by my neighbor. She bought this from Sibu.
      I saw this (different grade) at Stutong market. Check with your hubby whether he know about this market or not.
      Many years back (the 1st time I visit Kuching) I bought from souvenir shop opposite Kuching Waterfront. I'm not sure still available nowadays or not. Ask your hubby to drop by to find out. Hope this is helping.

    2. if you are interested, i can try to get some for you. hopefully the guy that i know still working there..

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  12. How long should I soak it for if I intend to use it in a salad that will give me a crunch. Was given this as a present and I haven't tried it before.


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