Monday, April 1, 2013

Pickled Roselle(洛神蜜餞)

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Roselle is one of Hibiscus family. In Malay we called asam belanda and 洛神花 (Luo Shen Hua) in Chinese. Fresh roselle has high content of Vitamin C along with vitamin D, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin B2 Complex, Vitamin A, Niacin and Calcium. Refer here for more info.

I know about roselle from my MIL. She has many roselle plants in her Orchid Nursery. The fresh roselle is commonly use in preparing drinks. I am amazed with the bright red colour and taste. It tastes similar to Ribena.

Do you know that fresh roselle can make into pickle too? It only involves blanching and storing! A lot easy than making into jam! You might wonder what to do with pickled roselle? According to Carol (recipe source) it can be eaten as snack. Surprisingly this pickled roselle has crunch texture as you munch! I can't eat more than one as too sweet :P Besides munching the roselle syrup from the pickled is great in preparing drinks. Just dilute the syrup in water and is ready to go! For bakers like me definitely not forget using it in making desserts.

Before I sharing recipes on using pickled roselle let see how to prepare it. Got to be patient as it needs 3 days for the pickled to mature.

Adapted and slightly modified from Carol 
Pickled Roselle

Ingredients :

250g fresh roselle (after separate from the central seedpod)
40ml lemon juice, from 1 lemon 
300g sugar (divide into 2 portions, 150g each)

Methods :
1. Make a cut (about 3cm) at bottom of seedpod. Push seed out and keep the red fleshy calyx (try keep whole calyx).

2. Wash the red fleshy calyx till clean. 

3. Bring a pot of water to boil. Add in clean red fleshy calyx and blanch for about 5-6 seconds. Remove and drain. Leave aside to cool.
*Important not to blanch too long as it will lost the crunchiness of the pickled roselle.

4. In a mixing bowl, add in cool calyx together with lemon juice and half portion of sugar (150g). Mix gently to combine.

5. Prepare a clean jar. Add in mixture of calyx. At the top, add in the remaining portion of sugar (150g).

6. Close the lid and leave the jar at room temperature for 3 days before refrigerate.
*turn over the jar each day to ensure all the calyx is fully covered with sugar syrup.

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  1. Thank you for linking up, Vivian. The color you have here is stunning!

  2. Love roselle drinks... in Malaysia, a lot of ppl just call it "ribena plant".

  3. Whoa very fast & easy indeed to make this pickling. I must try it out some day. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely evening.

  4. What an interesting pickle! My sister's plant has lots of fruit, will let her know about this! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I have never heard of roselle before, but what an intense color! And it's so simple to pickle these... Thanks so much for sharing, Vivian!

  6. Try to top this crunchy pickled roselle on top of cheesecake , very presentable and nice to eat .,

  7. That is such a clever idea Vivian. I used to plant roselle in my backyard for herbal tea. It very acidic. Now I know what else to make. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi, do know how to make dried roselle like what cosway sell?

  9. How long does the pickled rossel
    last in the fridge?


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