Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lemon Butter Cake (Egg Whites)

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I have few bags of egg whites sitting in my freezer for quite sometimes. In order to get rid of the whites I choose to bake this lemon butter cake which only whites are used. According to the recipes’ author the butter has to be beaten until really light, fluffy stage before adding the whites. Whites has to be added slowly in small amount into beaten butter. Or else the whites won’t be absorbed by the beaten butter.

Overall the cake is just ok. Due to only whites are used it is not as rich and fragrant with the one with whole eggs. However it is still consider a nice cake.

Adapted from 面包蛋糕美味烤cookbook with minor modification
Lemon Butter Cake (Egg Whites)
Make in L18cm x W10cm x H7cm loaf pan
80g salted butter (original used unsalted butter)
80g sugar (original used 130g)
¼ teaspoon salt (omit)

3 egg whites

120g low protein flour (sift)

30ml milk
1 tablespoon lemon juice
Lemon zest from a lemon
*mix above 3 items into small bowl

1. Beat butter with sugar until light and fluffy. Make sure the butter is really airy and fluffy so the whites can be incorporated well in next stage.

2. Slightly beat the egg whites with fork to loosen it. Then, add into butter mixture in small quantity batch by batch (about 5-6 batches). Make sure is well combine before add in the next batch. Scrap side of the bowl to get all mixing well.

3. Add in sifted flour, milk lemon mixture into beaten butter in 2 batches. Fold to combine. Pour into lined pan.

4. Bake in preheated oven at 180C for about 25 minutes or until toothpick insert in the center of the cake come out clean.

  photo 77951578-1914-4b72-8eda-9e40a91183ac_zps331eb4b4.jpg
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  1. Hi Vivian,
    The cake have a moist and soft texture. And a great way of using egg whites! I have a few dozens of egg whites in my freezer!! YES!!
    Thank you for linking to CYB!

  2. A good way to use up the leftover egg white.

  3. agree with Sonia! a good outlet for my eggwhites now! tks


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