Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wolfberry (枸杞) Loaf Bread/ Water Roux Method (Cheddar)-Bread # 10

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Wolfberry is well known with high nutritious value especially good for eyesight. Baking with wolfberry is one of the recipes in 孟老师的‏ 100 types bread cookbook. Therefore I like to give it a try.

Inspired by 孟老师的‏ 100 types bread cookbook
~Water Roux
20g bread flour
70g milk
1 cheddar cheese

~Bread Dough
15g wolfberry
110ml water

Above water roux starter
40g sugar
½ tsp salt

260g bread flour
1 tsp yeast

20g margarine/ butter

~ Water Roux/ Custard Paste
1. Put the bread flour inside a pot. Pour in the milk slowly and whisk to combine till lump free. Tear in the cheddar cheese. Cook over low-medium heat till thick, about 2-3 minutes.

2. Remove from heat. Cover with plastic wrap once is slightly cool. This is to prevent the surface from drying. Keep in fridge at least 1 hour before used.

~ Bread Dough
1. Rinse the wolfberry. Then, soak with 110ml water at least 1 hour. Blend into puree and ready to be used.

2. Put the wolfberry puree and the rest of ingredients (A) into a mixing bowl. Stir to mix.

3. Add in ingredients from (B). Stir till all the flour coated with the liquid. Then, knead to form dough.

4. Add in margarine and knead to form smooth and elastic dough. Cover and rest for 1 hour 30 minutes.

5. Transfer to working surface. Slightly knead to remove air bubble. Divide the dough into two. Shape into balls and rest for 10 minutes.

6. Flatten the ball into rectangle and roll it up like swiss rolls. Keep aside and proceed with the other portion. Again flatten the 1st swiss roll into long rectangle and roll up into swiss rolls. Repeat the same for the 2nd.

7. Place the dough inside a greased sandwich tin (I'm using L21cm x W10cm x H11cm sandwich mould) and rest for 45 minutes.

8. Bake at 170C for 30 minutes.


  1. I can't find this book when I was in Singapore. Got to bookmark this recipe. This bread look very delicious.

  2. This looks good! I've not baked any bread for a long time.

  3. Zoe,
    Thank you. This bread cookbook is really great! Can't wait to try out all the recipes.

    Blessed Homemaker,
    Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

  4. Looks so pretty and healthy to eat too.

    May I ask you about breadmaking as I'm still not too sure. As we know, for first proofing, we just press finger in to check proofing is done. For the second proofing (after shaping), how do you tell when proofing is done? Thanks!

  5. Small small Baker,
    Thank you. For 2nd proving, normally I let the ready dough rest for 45 minutes. The bread used to be double its size, which means ready for oven.

  6. Thanks for your quick reply. Is the resting time the same for small buns and bread loaf? Usually my 2nd proofing seems to be very slow.

  7. Yes, same proving time for small buns and loaf bread.


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