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Braised Trotter with Soya Bean-Can Foods Make Milk ?

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Like other breastfeed mother I will eat types of food that will help on lactation. Most people believe having papaya as part of the diet can help. Well I had try but it seems not working for me. It seems I’m lack of milk for my 3rd child…well not because she not gain well, she seems not happy although after feeding time. She demands more! I guess she is big drinker compare with her two brothers. Ha..ha..

I owned series of books, What to Expect. It comes in the first year, when you’re expecting and the toddler years. I guess mothers are familiar with these books. It is a comprehensive guide packed with reassuring and practical advice. It contains dozens of Q&As, reader friendly and fun to read.

I came across this question in "the first year", CAN FOODS MAKE MILK ? I’m sure we all eager to know. Here is the explanation.

Every breastfeeding mother has heard about at least one: foods, drinks and herbal portions with the supposed power to increase milk production. They run the gamut-from milk and beer, to teas made from fennel, blessed thistle, anise, nettle, and alfalfa; from chickpeas and liquorice, to potatoes, olives and carrots. Though some mothers swear by these cultural traditions and old wives’ standards, some experts say that the effects of such ‘milk-making portions are largely psychological. If a mother believes that what she eats or drinks will make milk, she will be relaxed. If she’s relaxed, she will have a good let-down. If her let-down reflex is good, she will interpret it to mean she has more milk, and that the portion worked its magic after all. Remember : the best-and only proven-way to increase your milk supply is to have your baby nurse frequently.

I always believe nursing frequently can increase milk flow. However feel pity for my girl when seeing her frustrated sucking for more milk. If this happen I will try to distract her by taking a break. Swing to comfort her back to sleep. If this can’t help will get back to nurse. Sometimes this can long for several hours…and definitely very tiring. How I wish I have more milk.

I read about stew trotter with soybean soup in one of my cookbook collection, Medical Recipe & Thick Soup. It said will help on lactation. Without any hesitate I try out. I believe it helps as I can feel the increase of milk flow. The recipe is very simple. Just put trotter, soya bean and dried lily bud (I omit) inside a pot and stew till tender and soft. I used to cook this soup during my confinement. However the taste is very bland.

Not long ago a cooking show recipe using trotter and soya bean as well. It used braising method (红烧‏). I tried too and this is tasty than the soup. Is braising method with the same ingredients working? Well not so magical compare with the soup. Could it because the “book” said stew trotter with soya bean and not braised trotter with soya bean??? :D

Actually I’m not enjoying having trotter but soya bean yes. Having soya bean as part of daily diet is good as it is high in protein. Ever since I taste the soya bean in cooking (before this only used in making soya milk) I love it! If the beans are cooked well it is kind of melt in your mouth.

Using soya bean in daily cooking can be very versatile. You can even just add into your daily soup as part of the ingredients. Since the beans are hard, it needs to be soaked and cook in advance before adding into any dishes or soup. I used to cook more than one portion and pack into individual, store in deep freezer for later used.

Now I like to share on tasty way of having soya bean with trotter.

Recipe source: Vivian Pang Kitchen
1kg trotter, cut into pieces (I used front part)
1-2 tablespoon oil
Few slices of ginger
2 star anise
1 cinnamon stick
200g cooked soya beans (refer below)
Water (enough to cover meat)

Seasoning :
3 tablespoon soya sauce
2 tablespoon white wine (Chinese cooking wine)
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon salt

~ Soya beans
(I cook about 400g soya beans at one time. Use any amount you like.)
1. Wash by rinsing the beans. Put in a pot and cover with clean water. Soak several hours (mine overnight).

2. The next day, rinse to clear any impurity. Put inside the pressure cooker and top with clean water (enough water to cover the beans). Cook about 22 minutes or till soft (do adjust according to your cooker).

3. Drain and ready to be packed individually for storage. Keep in deep freezer if not using within 3 days. Just store in lower fridge a day before you use it.
~ Trotter with soya beans
1. Heat up the wok. Add in the oil and ginger. Place the pieces of meat inside and cook till lightly brown.

2. Pour in the soya sauce by the side of the wok. Follow by wine. Stir well. Add in water about to cover meat.

3. Add in star anise, cinnamon stick, cooked soya bean, brown sugar, salt and stir to mix. Cover and cook till meat tender (I cook about 25 minutes with pressure cooker). Serve.


  1. Well, always take advice about foods that aid lactation with a pinch of salt. For me, I just eat, if it does help, good, but if not, then just take it as additional nutrition. I don't even put hope into it.
    Somehow, for me, coffee does a good job, LOL! Sames goes to peanut soup, any soup boiled with peanuts. But the effect is temporary, can't be consuming peanut soup daily.
    Worked for this pregnancy but not the rest. And fenugreek worked well the previous one, but not this time. LOL. My SIL said, Coke worked for her.

    But then hoh, recently I refused to let my boy suckle because he is soooooooo addicted. Then, maybe due to the mind refusing the nurse the boy when he cries, my milk dwindled soooooo quickly. Even though I'm still nursing him, when we wakes up, not when he's sleepy cos I don't want him to treat me as pacifier. Sigh, but anyway I have planned to wean him off at 6 months and it's almost time now and I'm almost dry.

  2. Wendy,
    Very interesting of knowing salt and coffee also help in lactation. :) I used to nurse my kids till they can drink from cup. I breastfeed my boys till they almost a year old. So still long way to go.
    Agree it is no fun when they treat you as pacifier when come to nursing. Therefore try to nurse only if she hungry.

  3. LOL... no... take it with pinch of salt is a figure of speech. To take a statement with 'a grain of salt' or 'a pinch of salt' means to accept it but to maintain a degree of skepticism about its truth. Listen but true or not, dunno la.

    I wean them once they hold the bottle well, and this boy has been holding his own bottle since 4 months. But it is so convenient to be having milk, never need to worry when going out, LOL, baby's milk available all the time. Each time feel heavy hearted to wean, but then hoh, I always worry about them not being able to stop later. Now my boy is teething, he pulls and pulls me with his gums, painful ler. Then he laughs when he sees me grit my teeth. So playful!

  4. it's rather interesting and nice to know actually abt what the author written to say that if you believe what you eat is going to make milk, you will hv more milk. I do believe that our thoughts affect our mind and how all these information being transmitted to our minds and how our bodies react to this kind of information. So i guess it's good to eat what we want to eat rather than putting a stress on ourselves in deciding what to eat and what not to eat. Thanks for sharing all these info and your experiences with us.


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