Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Homemade Fishcake II - Step by Step and Video

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A lot of readers are interested on making own fish cake. This time I will show with the pictures and video. Hope it helps.

I roll the fish paste with bencurd sheet. Then fry till golden brwon.

Do refer to here for method on shaping fishcake.
Ingredients :
Fresh mackerel fish (weight about 1.5kg)
* Not all mackerel fish is suitable for fishcake. Do ask the seller for the right fish.

~Salt water mixture
150ml water
2 tsp salt
* Dissolve and set aside. Not all is used.

Some pepper

1. This is the type of mackerel used for fish paste. This fish is big, more than 2kg. It can’t fit into my 32cm wok. Ha..ha..


2. Rinse well to clean. With a sharp knife cut the sides of the fish. Then remove the meat with the skin still attached as shown.

3. Scoop out the meat from the skin and bone with spoon. Do scrape from tail towards head direction. This is to avoid removing meat with the 'strings' attached. It will affect the texture of the fish cake.

4. Place the meat on the chopping board (do it by batches). Sprinkle some salt water, pepper and chop the meat with“BACK” of your knife (not the sharp edge). Adding salt water little by little during the chopping process. The paste is ready once turns very fine (as below). Remove and put in a big bowl (I used wok). Repeat this process till all finished.

5. Lift up the fine meat and bounce against the wok (bowl). Hope this video will help.

6. You can do it in batches. If you find the fish paste stick on your hand scrape away with spoon. Then, wet your hand with salt water and continue the “bouncing”process. Fish paste is ready once turns springy.


7. This fish paste is ready to be stored.


  1. This is surely a lot of hard work. Thanks for sharing with us the steps! :)

  2. so long i did not make fish cake at home, you temp me to make this soon. Need to look for fresh mackerel first..2kg fish is a big fish huh..Have a nice weekend Vivian.

  3. if i make these fishcakes, i think i will enjoy the ' bouncing' part!

  4. Hi Vivian, wishing you & your family a belated 'gong xi fa cai' & 'yuen xiao jie'. I'm sure you had a great time. Btw, your fish cake looks beautifully done & really tempting. Hope you're enjoying your day.

  5. Hi Vivian,

    is it compulsory to keep it refrigerated? i dont have fridge at my house, so i wonder can i fry it straight away once the fish paste is shaped?

    Hope to hear frm u soon! ive been asking my chinese fren for this recipe cos her mom always cooked for her. but she couldnt provide me the recipe because she dont know hw to cook at all! T_T

    1. The reason I keep the fish paste(after shape) in fridge is to make it easy to handle while frying. I think it should be alright not keep in fridge. Do let me know if it is working. Happy cooking!


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