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Yogurt Cottony Cake (想思蛋糕)

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Cottony cake or some call it Xiang Si cake/ 想思蛋糕. I was attracted by the texture of this cake when I read from fellow blogger friends. This cake is well received as it yields very soft and moist cake. If you are chiffon cakes lovers sure you like this cottony cake.
It has a lot common with chiffon cake. The method of mixing is same. Like chiffon cake it has to be baked at low temperature. The differences are using a whole egg in yolk batter and bake in normal baking pan instead of tube pan. The batter is slightly watery than normal chiffon cake.

This is my 2nd attempt. The 1st one shrunk a lot and has wet cake base. After succeed in baking chiffon cake in round pan (here) and some advice from Kimmy, I have courage to bake again. The cake texture is right, no wet base and without much shrinkage. However the cake surface (skin) is easy to come out (after invert). This might due to low temperature of baking for the whole baking period. Next time I shall bake with higher temperature after the cake is cooked to get more brown surface. Do drop by her blog, Cooking Pleasure for more tips on making cottony cake. She has quite numbers of different flavour cottony cake recipes.
Adapted and slightly modified from Cooking Pleasure
( A)
5 yolks
1 whole egg
45g vegetable oil
80g yogurt
65g low protein flour
5 egg whites
60g castor sugar
1/2 tsp vinegar (or lemon juice)

1. Whisk yolks and castor sugar till well combine. Add in vegetable oil and yogurt. Mix well.

2. Sift in the flour and whisk to combine.

3. In other bowl beat the whites till foamy. Add in 1/2 the castor sugar and vinegar. Continue beat till glossy. Add in the rest of castor sugar. Beat till stiff form.

4. Spoon 1/3 of the stiff whites into yolks batter. Fold to combine. Pour the yolk mixture into the remaining whites bowl. Fold till well combine.

5. Pour the batter into lined 8’ square pan (only line the bottom/base pan NOT side). Smooth the surface with scraper. Give the pan some tap to remove big bubbles.

6. Bake in preheated oven at 140C with steam bake method for 35 minutes. Then remove the water and bake further 10 minutes.
* I'm using steam bake method. Bake by placing a pan with hot water at the bottom of oven.
* Remove water and bake further to get rid of wet cake bottom.

* Do adjust your oven temperature accordingly.

7. Once cooked, remove from oven and invert the cake pan on wire rack till cool completely. Remove baking paper and cut into slices. Enjoy!


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  1. Looks very nice and fluffy. Good job :) i just made a yogurt cake yesterday but too lazy to use the egg separatation method, so its just a muffin testure cake. Must try this soon. Hv a god weekend!

  2. Hi Vivian, I tried this too but mine had a wet texture more if like jap cotton cheesecake texture. So the actual texture is soft n fluffy? Hmmm maybe I shld try again soon:-p

  3. Hi Vivian, I'm glad you tried. If you do bake this cake again, try to bake at 160C for 70 minutes [lower shelf]. Today I bake with another flavour, the cake base was perfect - moist but not wet and the top does not stick to the wire rack.

  4. Then the top will be very 'dark' lor? Still using steam bake right?

    1. Yes, steam-bake. Not necessary, you can turn to bottom heat during the last 10 minutes baking.

  5. Another beautifully textured cake, Vivian. The addition of yogurt is creative and I bet it keeps it nice and moist. Thanks so much for sharing with Made with Love Mondays :D

  6. beautiful cake, Vivian
    i stil have no courage to bake this cake :)

  7. i have also bookmarked one of this cottony soft cake. Hope to try it out some day, hopefully not too long:)

  8. Hi Viv,

    This is indeed a very beautiful cake! I'm fascinated with its soft and cottony texture. I would love to check out the details at Kimmy's blog :D


  9. wow. it's really a good contribution to us guys not good at cakes, you know i did some cakes before but the taste it's not good, then i quit, so if you have interesting, you can load to Bridesmaid Dresses

    visit my new make up, give me your advice, Thanks!

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  11. So according to the directions, there are 2 parts of sugar, one for the yolk batter and the other for the white batter right? But the recipe shows the sugar only for the white batter?
    Can i bake it as usual and not use the steam bake method? Does it make a huge difference?


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