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Cream Corn Sausage Loaf Bread/ 17hrs Pre-fermented Sponge Dough

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Have you try baking bread with 17hrs pre-fermented dough method? If not I suggest you to try at least once! Because you are going to love it! The bread texture is soft, fluffy and can last for longer time. Do check out in my previous posts Cream Cheese Buns and Wholemeal Bread.

Don’t be scared by the 17hours as the yeast is the one doing the job for you :D Just prepare the sponge dough (less than 5 minutes effort!) and store in fridge after an hour rise at room temperature. Proceed with the bread making method as usual. Sounds easy right?

Since I’m going to bake with corn I used cream corn as the liquid portion. I baked into a plain loaf and a sausage cheese loaf. You can choose to bake in any form you like.

~17 hours pre-fermented sponge dough(yield about 300g)
¼ teaspoon instant yeast
150g water
150g bread flour

Add yeast, water and flour in sequence into a container (same container for storage as well). Mix with spatula till well combine. Cover and leave at room temperature for an hour. Keep inside refrigerator at least 16 hours before used.

~Main dough (yield about 890g dough which enough for two 450g sandwich loaf tins)
50g sugar
½ teaspoon salt
½ egg (lightly beaten. Keep the other 1/2 for egg wash)
150ml cream corn (canned)
350g bread flour
1 teaspoon instant yeast

30g butter

~ Filling
40g shredded cheddar cheese
2 sausages (diced)
1 onion (diced)
*Mix together and set aside

1. Put all pre-fermented sponge dough into mixing bowl. Follow by the rest of ingredients for main dough except butter. Knead till form dough. Then add in butter and knead till form smooth and elastic. Cover and leave to rest for 1 hour 15 minutes.

2. De-gas dough and transfer on a lightly floured surface. Divide the dough into 2 portions.
a) Loaf bread
-Shape one of the portions into round and set aside to rest for 10 minutes. Roll out the dough into rectangle shape with rolling pin. Then, roll up like swiss roll. Place into lined or lightly oiled baking tin (I’m using L21 cm x W10 cm x H11 cm sandwich tin).

 b) Sausage loaf (refer here for steps)
-Divide the other portion into 4 (about 110g each). Shape into round and leave to rest for 10 minutes. Roll out into round and wrap ¼ of the sausage cheese filling into ball. Repeat the same for the rest.
-Slightly flatten the ball with hand. Brush some oil on surface. Cover the oiled dough with the other flatten ball. Repeat the same for the other balls. It will give you 2 sets of stacking dough.
-Roll out the stacked dough into rectangle shape (the length should be about length of baking pan). Brush the rectangle surface with oil, roll up like a swiss roll. Repeat the same for the other dough.
-With a scraper, cut each roll into 6 equal triangles as shown. Then transfer into lined/ oiled baking pan. Make sure the sealing side is facing down.

3. Leave to prove for about 45 minutes or until double in size. Apply egg wash. Bake in preheated oven at 170C for 30 minutes. Cover with aluminium foil if the colour brown too fast.
* Do adjust according to your oven temperature.

4. Remove the bread immediately from baking tin and leave to cool completely on a wire rack. While is hot brush the surface with some butter. This will give you shine looking bread and yield soft crust.

I'm sharing this bread recipe at :

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  1. Hi Vivian, your bread looks soo perfect and soft. I'm really interested with this pre-made dough and i'm a bit crazy about baking bread lately but never found myself successful :-(
    i've tried the tanzhong method twice and still failed to get the soft texture. also tried using whipping cream (without butter), 2 or 3 times were quite satisfying but last week a made another round with the same recipe and the result just bad. And since i dont have a bread machine so i have to knead by hands (painful....)
    i wonder if this method is better than using the tanzhong method ?
    Thank you... :-)


    1. There must be a reason why can't get a nice texture of bread. Since you are kneading by hand you should able to feel the 'right' texture of the bread dough. I used to knead my bread dough before I own stand mixer. I notice that the 'wet/sticky' dough is easy to knead with and give better result. Of course make sure the dough has been reach elastic stage where it is easy to form thin membrane without easy tearing.Hoping this will help.
      I won't say this is better than tanzhong method. This is another alternative way of getting nice fluffy bread. I think this dough is easy to be kneaded till elastic stage as the liquid is quite high. Do try this 17hrs pre-fermented sponge dough method. Maybe this can help you produce the bread texture you like.
      For the 1st time I encourage you to use milk/water as the liquid. Do try the basic dough for my cream cheese bun
      Happy baking!

    2. Thanks Vivian i will do try this recipe! :-)


  2. Hi Vivian, this bread looks very soft and fluffy. I believe this is a good stuff ;) thank you for sharing to LTU !

  3. Hi Vivian,

    I have not tried any of these 17hrs pre-fermentation bread recipes and love to try baking these after seeing your priceless-bread-pinching shot!


  4. Tried this and baking it again today. So soft so yummy! Definitely a keeper!


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