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Black Sesame Marble Cheesecake(Gluten Free)

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This heavy cheesecake is well received by my family. I really like the combination of black sesame and cream cheese. The nutty taste of the seeds and the creaminess of the cheese really go well. I definitely will bake again.

I grind the black sesame seeds instead using the powder form. Therefore the black marble not so fine, black spots everywhere :D Besides creating marble I also added the black sesame inside the base.

This cheesecake is gluten free as I used all corn flour. Feel free to replace with all-purpose or cake flour for not gluten free version. They are equally good :) Hope you will try it!

Reference from Carol Marble Cheesecake
Ingredients: ~ Base
12 pieces cream crackers
1 tbsp sugar
15g ground black sesame
50g melted butter

~ Cake
400g cream cheese
20g butter
20g castor sugar

3 yolks
30g milk
1 tbsp vanilla extract
15g corn flour

3 whites
1/2 tsp lemon juice (or vinegar)
60g castor sugar

(C) Pattern
3 tbsp batter
10g ground black sesame
~ Base
Blend the cream cracker and sugar into fine crumbs. Add in the ground black sesame. Mix well. Add in the melted butter. Spread evenly on the spring foam pan. Chill to set.

~ Cake
1. Beat the cream cheese, butter and sugar till smooth.

2. Add in egg yolk, milk, vanilla extract and flour in sequence. Make sure the mixture is well mix before adding the next ingredient.

3. In other clean bowl, beat the egg white till foamy. Add in lemon juice and half of sugar. Continue beat till glossy. Add in the rest of sugar and beat till soft peak.

4. Spoon 1/3 of the white mixture into the cream cheese batter. Gently fold to combine. Pour all the cheese mixture into the egg whites. Fold until well combined.

5. Remove 1 tablespoon of batter into a bowl and mix well with ground black sesame seeds. Once well mixed add 2-3 more tablespoons of batter. Fold gently till well combine. Adding by two batches will get well mixed batter without deflate the egg whites too much. Set aside.

6. Pour the main batter into prepared pan. With a spoon scatter the black batter on the surface. Creating marble by running a chopstick or knife by swirling the black batter like a snake, S shape and not in straight lines.

7. Steam baked or bake in water bath at 150C for about 25 minutes. Turn the temperature to 120C and bake further 30 minutes.
* Do adjust your oven accordingly.
* I used steam baked method. I place the hot water pan in the lower rack and the spring foam pan at the middle rack. Therefore not need to worry about the water sipping inside my cake. Save wrapping too. Do find out here how I place my pan.

8. After the baking time is over, slightly open the oven door and let the cake cool completely inside the oven. Once cool. Keep in fridge for several hours or overnight.

9. After chilled run a small knife around the cake edges then remove from cake mould. Cut the cheesecake with thin blade. In order to get nice cut heat the blade on stove before slice the cake.
* I pour some hot water on the blade and wipe dry with kitchen towel. This works well too.
* Make sure wipe the blade after each cut. Then heat it again.

I shared this recipe at  

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  1. cheesecake is my favourite. this looks creamy and good.

  2. Your instructions are very detailed. I love the fusion concept of sesame and cheese. This is a good way to consume my black sesame seeds.

  3. Hi Vivian, your black sesame cheese cake look awesome. I don't mind to have a big slice for my breakfast now. LOL

    Love the pattern, look very nice.
    Have a nice day,regards.

  4. On Fridays, I share my favorite food finds in a series called Food Fetish Friday - and I love this cheesecake so I'm featuring it as part of today's roundup (with a link-back and attribution). I hope you have no objections and I'm happy to be following along with your creations...

  5. hi vivian, i think i will love a black sesame cheesecake and i've also never seen this in bakery, thanks for sharing !

  6. Is corn flour the same thing as corn starch or is it just finely ground corn?

    1. I'm not sure. The one I used is called 玉黍粟粉。anyway you can submit with all-purpose flour. However it won't be gluten free anymore.


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